The Great Bengal TV, commonly referred to simply as GBTV, is The Great Bengal non-commercial broadband Internet TV station (http:// launched in GB by The GBL, which sends various information including the Great Bengal Current Affairs, Politics, Sports, Health, Education, Economy, Trade and Commerce and Art & Culture etc toward the world in a style of feature stories. On-demand news is delivered 24 hours a day, and all these videos are free of charge. A number of new reports are available with videos of high-image quality and high-quality sound in 300Kbps, in both Bengali and English. From the beginning the GBTV provides various programmes like News, Drama, Kids, Religion, Documentaries and Bengali Feature Films etc through the YouTube Channel and some others live broadcasting channel. At present GBTV reaches million of drawing rooms of the Great Bengal including greater Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Tripura, Orissa, Arakan and surrounding all districts. The GBTV is only one ground channel of the Great Bengal. You can see our coverage area and other all details in our website placed in another pages. The GBTV is publishing a daily online news paper (http:// You can view the news paper also in our website.