Manhattan 4.33pm

Director: Lizzie Oxby

A daydream to remind me of the joy of the New York skyline. “Daydreams” is one of my ongoing projects incorporating a series of observational thoughts. Manhattan 4.33pm is the latest short film made with three photographic stills which I brought to life (35 secs).

The Daydreams series have featured on The Atlantic. Here’s a link to the interview:

Manhattan 4.33pm has also travelled to many cultural institutes as well as film festivals and won the Special Prize and Finalist in Raindance Film Festival’s Welcome to the Extraordinary short film competition. Also shortlisted for the Animation Award at Rushes Short Film Festival, UK

Festivals include:

ArtFutura 2012 – The Museum of Modern Art (Rio)
Aarhus Centre for Contemporary Art
Barcelona CCCB
Buenos Aires – Malba Museum
Rushes Short Film Festival, London UK
Art by Chance – Global tour
11th Britspotting British & Irish Film Festival, Berlin
8th London Short Film Festival. UK
26th International Short Film Festival, Inter-film Berlin
19th Festival Cinerail, France.
18th Raindance Film Festival, London. UK
And more…

Also featured on:
The Huffington Post – Vimeo of the week
The Village Voice
Filmmakers to Watch – Film News Briefs
Creative Review Magazine
The Atlantic Magazine – interview

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